Installing roof tile and soffit vents

We went out to Ferndown last week to fix a damp issue in a the loft of a lovely couple (and a dog that stole my shoe). They had a lot of damp marks up in the loft and it smelled of mildew. We diagnosed that the problem was that the loft space wasn’t adequately ventilated.

We decided to install four roof tile vents on the pitched roof of the property as well as soffit vents at 1m intervals to create a flow of air through the loft.


This is Nick installing one of the tile vents


These are the soffit vents after being installed. For this job I also had to buy a new transformer for the drill, to which my son excitedly decided to try and lend me his transformer. I didn’t think optimus prime would like having a drill plugged into him so i bought my own

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