Leaking Roof Window and Chimney Removal

4/1/18 – we started work on the roof of a lovely 1930s house in Bournemouth today, with not much being done to it since it was built the owners are slowly modernising while keeping the original character of the property.  Over the years some of the property has been compromised by general wear and tear and the work we will be doing over the next few days will be to remove the leaky window in the loft and to remove one of the chimneys that has decayed and could potentially become dangerous over time.
Many chimneys on older houses are no longer functional, and some of the older ones become unstable as they are ravaged by wind and the motar slowly crumbles away, becoming progressively more unsafe. This one has cracks in it and a slight lean so we will be taking it down below roof level tomorrow and tiling over it.

Even from looking inside it can be seen that over time the water has rotted away the wooden battens and may even eventually fall straight through. The first job is
to remove the window and cut back the rotten battens.
As for today’s job; the seal around the old window has been leaking for a long time, as the loft is only used for storage in this property the owners have opted for the more cost effective option of removal and then tiles over the top.
Just as we started doing this, very handily a scrap metal collector pulled up next door so we managed to loose the iron frame of the old window without driving anywhere!

We retiled the hole where the window used to be with reclaimed tiles to match the original aesthetic of the roof. Still need to cut a few tiles and neaten it all up, and its now dark so the finished pics will be a job for tomorrow.
Part two to follow…

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